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Hazrat Inayat Khan
There is the language of life, for life too is music. Each person represents a note in that music, and that makes the symphony of life.

The Shining Heart Sufi Community hosts a variety of events throughout the year. These retreats, dance classes, workshops, and zikrs are open to everyone.

Local and Regional Email List Servs

We use Yahoo! Group E-Mail listservs to send out notices of special events and retreats as well as information about both Spring and Fall Annual Ozark Sufi Camps. They averages a few emails a week.

The local listserv sends out information on events in the Greater Kansas City area as well as regional (Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Columbia, MO and St. Louis) events. If you are interested in joining our local Greater Kansas City email community, subscribe at

The regional listserv sends out information just on regional events (Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Columbia, MO and St. Louis) events. If you are interested in joining this regional email community, subscribe at

If you are interested in joining our Ozark Sufi Camp email community, subscribe at

To join our Ozark Sufi Camp's Riders Board email community, subscribe at

Facebook Friends
The Shining Heart Community is in Facebook under the name of "Shining Hart". We strive to put the information of the community here as well as more personal announcements.

You can also go into Facebook and "Friend" the Ozark Sufi Camp.

Contact Opportunities

For inquiry into sufism in the Hazrat Inayat Khan lineage, best contact Murshida Nuria Sabato at

For general community questions about events, the contact number is often on that webpage. For other matters, best to call Safia at 816 / 769 / 6247 and leave message mentioning this website and your contact information. If she cannot help you directly, she will find out who can.